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Its been a year since I tried a giveaway on the blog. The blog has seen growth in its views and popularity even the design of the blog has changed. Time to up the ante with a better giveaway. Someone is going to win. Why not give it a shot? Read on to see what I have.


I was lucky enough to receive a copy of 1001 Video Games To Play Before You Die. This is a very thick book that belongs among any good game collection. You would be hard pressed to think of a good game that isn’t listed between the covers. A multitude of writers from magazines and blogs contribute page or half page recaps of the famous games. It is edited by Tony Mott of Edge Magazine. A great gift for yourself or anyone with even a modest interest in video games. Could be a great nostalgic trip or even seen as an educational tool. Basically, it mentions every game that has defined the genre of video games to this day.

Thats my pitch and I sticking with it. Like I said, I have the book and it’s fun to look at every now and again. I’ve even watched a few blogs dedicated to the pursuit of playing all 1001 games. That would take some doing, I would think, even if you counted the ones you’ve already played. Think your up for the challenge? Well, you’ll need the book!


I’ve worked it out with the publisher and will send a copy of 1001 Video Games To Play Before You Die to the winner of the “favorite comment”! Tell me what games you hope are in the book, your favorite old game or just be really, really funny. Think of something better? Leave multiple comments. I’ll let the commenting go all month before Zoidberger and I decide on a winner. If you win, I’ll email you to obtain your mailing address so I can send you the book. Restricted to the US but feel free to comment anyway.


Thanks to everyone who left us a comment below. When have chosen a winner for the giveaway. Congratulations to comment number 7: Wilbur! Be sure to email us to get in contact. After we get your info, we’ll get this mailed right out to you.


After a fair amount of time and no contact from commenter Wilbur the runner up commenter Xeranthemum has received the giveaway. Congratulations to Xeranthemum! The Konami code does it again!



  1. Toe Jam and Earle better be in there.

  2. Sure wish this prize was a copy of all 1001 games, plus the consoles to play them on. That’d be tits!

  3. You know you are obsessed with video games if your life’s mission is to play all 1,001 video games before you die.

  4. It would be my Final Fantasy to own that 1001 Video Games Before You Die.

  5. Speaking of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 3 and 10 MUST be in that book. It just occurred to me that the title Final Fantasy is very misleading, considering that there are multiple titles under the franchise. One of these Fantasies should be Final one day.

  6. There must be an easy way to win…I’VE GOT IT! up,up,down,down,left, right,left,right,A,B,START.

  7. ActRaiser! Fantastic/innovative SNES title combining simulated village planning-God mode-and epic side scrolling action. Two games in one. Great music and animation.

  8. What was that tank/ice war game we used to play? I don’t want it on the list, but the name of that game haunts me for some reason. IceFox/SnowFox etc… Still a good memory. As for the winner, without reading, james bond

  9. I’m 20 and over time have owned in chronological order, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, I think this book would be an amazing way to look over some of the greatest games of our generation, I enjoy anyone who compiles “greatest” lists, I’ve seen video games done before, but 1001 sounds mind blowing, and I’d love to have this book for both myself and to share with friends to both reminisce and learn about the greatest titles in gaming history

  10. @Jon Roscetti
    Sorry, No, Toejam & Earl. But yea, all 1001 games would be an incredible prize.

    @Goose Egg
    “Obsessed” is such a negative word how about “Dedicated”

    There are 11 FF write ups that I’ve found so far in this book

    ActRaiser: Check! (page 182)

    I think you remember Arctic Fox for the ol’ Apple IIc. I remember “Battle Zone” on your fam’s computer and it’s on page 34

    The book is more of a “outstanding” list than a “greatest-of-all-time” list. Which is good as it will make the book more timeless.

    Thanks for you comments guys!

  11. Going into the last week of the give away! Time to get your comments in. Having a great turn out so far and hoping for some more comments. Check back on August 1 to see if you’ve won. The winner will be asked to contact Gamedae through the email link on the blog. Good Luck!

  12. Anyone know Wilbur? He needs to get in touch with us so we know where to send the giveaway!

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