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Most would agree that nostalgia can be a powerful force, especially when influencing which video games you spend your time playing. I’ve told you, or someone else has, that “your memory of a game may be better than it actually was”. This holds true for most old games and some movies as well. Times have changed and games have improved so much it can be jarring to replay some of the classics after a while. Their limited game play controls and simple 8 bit graphics just can’t compete. One such game that stands up to the test of time is the original Bionic Commando.

I remember getting the original NES classic with it’s giant blue box and cartridge featuring art work that wasn’t found anywhere in the game. I couldn’t get over how cool it was; and how difficult. There were no save points; it was all the way through or nothing, one shot. The big twist of originality that BC brought was that the character couldn’t jump and he had a bionic arm that he used to swing.

Well it’s 2010 and the game is back. The revamped release features amazing HD graphics, a “total modern visual and audio revamp” and is as much fun as the original, if not more. Part of me wishes every classic game could get this kind of upgrade. Very few changes have been made but the biggest is that now your progress is saved when you shut down. That alone warrants trying BC again if you were put off by the original. The game even restores some of the 8-bit-wit that went into the original “cut scenes”. The ending has been updated from the original, the classic twist ending is the same but it’s definitely a more fun and fair boss fight.

Hacking the enemies’ system has a new twist as well with an added mini game which is puzzling and addictive. I would play this puzzle game on it’s own; I only wish there was more mini games built in. It is similar to the lock-picking side quests you may be familiar with, yet with the most minimal of graphics. Did I mention this game has co-op? Up to four players can get in on the swing too bad co-op isn’t available online.

There are additional challenge modes; they are difficult and while skip-able they are arguably a great replay option, that is if you can hack it. The challenge modes feature a new transparent look similar to the hacking mini game. This game has been out for a little while and there are rumors brewing of a sequel. PS even released an update after its launch adding PS trophies. If I haven’t convinced you yet; if nothing else, BCR is a great reason to use the d pad.

Whos do you think is longer, Spencer’s bionic arm or Link’s hookshot?