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Progress: Again and again
EA Active: More Workouts is one of the best home workout video games.

It is a step up from the Wii’s first work out game, WiiFit. The workouts feel more legit and the Wii motion controls are more engaging and intuitive. This is the second release in the EA Active line. The music is pretty good – just the right amount of motivation, the island paradise setting is nice – they did a decent job with the graphics. Decent, not incredible, and very “Wii looking.” The game comes with a small set of peripherals, specifically a leg strap and a resistance band. You can take on a 6 week workout challenge, or just complete preset or custom workouts (basically different combinations of various exercises) and you can even workout with a friend.

I decided to start a 6 week challenge to get fit and shed a few pounds. Before getting started, I realized I needed a base so I could measure my results. I had to weigh myself in Wii Fit; I have to say I find it strange that EA didn’t include a scale option in EA Active: More Workouts. Anyway, according to Wii Fit my ideal weight is 157.2 lbs (22 BMI) for my age and height. My actual weight is 180.5 lbs (25.28 BMI) which Wii Fit considers overweight! Obviously no one wants to be overweight (despite Wii Fit being known to be a bit harsh) so I set a goal: lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks (shortest period of time allowed by the software). Let’s go.

Day One (Monday)
Calories Burned: 159.3
Workout time: 28:35 minutes
Exercises: 13 of 13
I had fun on Sunday night staying up late (drinking) and finishing off the campaign mode of Transformers. So when I woke up on Monday morning, I was tired but I got started setting up the Wii for my virtually assisted workout. Had to replace the batteries in the Wii mote and Balance Board. Started up the Wii (its been a little while) and I was greeted with a system update. Finally, I booted up EA Active.
The first workout of my 6 week challenge, referred to as Full Body in the game, is a set of foundation exercises consisting of single arm rows, raised knees, skipping, double bicep curls and a short obstacle course. I must have really needed the exercise as I was super sweaty and needed a break with 5 exercises left to go but I finished and felt proud.
Day Two (Tuesday)
Rest day – Yes it tells you to take rest days in the game. Those are the best days….

Day Three (Wednesday)
Calories Burned: 101.8
Workout time: 22:01 minutes
Exercises: 13 of 13
My second workout had a focus on lower body and cardio. I felt a lot more ready for this workout and it seemed easier to me. The exercises consisted of crossover lunges, stride jumps, water skiing, push ups, double shoulder presses, squash and, of course, crunches. Some of the exercises such as water skiing and squash are pretty special as you would probably not have those in a regular gym and the game play is actually fun – you sort of feel like your really playing…sort of.

Day Four (Thursday)
Rest day
Day Five (Friday)
I skipped this workout. I blame the previously mentioned Transformers multiplayer game and their x5 experience weekend! (And the drinking)
Day Six (Saturday)
Rest Day

Day Seven (Sunday)
Calories Burned: 158.7
Workout time: 29:52 minutes
Exercises: 13 of 13

This workout had a focus on the upper body and in my opinion it was the best workout yet. Exercises consisted of: one arm reverse flys, single arm rows, sparring, double bicep curls, straight arm triceps extensions, short obstacle course, island outrun, leg raises and the cool down stretches. I should mention that all of the routines begin with warm up moves and end cool down stretches.

So overall I’m feeling good about exercising and can easily see why people get obsessed with working out. Personally I’m still waiting for my “runner’s high” but some exercise is better than none.

  • During workouts the game releases you from straining to look at the TV with verbal ques. 
  • Live video tutorials explain all the exercises in detail
    • Graphics leave a little more to be desired, especially cause they are repeated so often
    • The resistance band will have to be replaced sooner rather than later
    • Obviously, the nunchuk wire sucks. Looks like EA is looking to go wireless for the next iteration of EA Active
    One week results: 1.5 lb weight loss!

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    1. I do a fair amount of elliptical machine and free weights at home while watching the weeks recordings of various UFC programs. I’ve been considering something like EA active to change things up and to get feed back on progress, etc. Can’t wait to hear more about your progress.

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