DEVELOPER: Subatomic Studios


Progress: 60%

I don’t think much of “PS minis”; the smaller, more affordable and downloadable-only games, originally designed for the PSP and PSP Go and since ported to the PS3. Generally, I find them unimaginative, small and ultimately a waste of time. I have found few exceptions to this thinking, but I’m happy to say Fieldrunners is one of them. This is yet another iteration of the ever popular tower defense style games. The goal with Fieldrunners: stop enemies from crossing the field by building various styles of towers to kill them. Strategy is key. Placing your towers and using them to steer the oncoming herd of villains is how victory is accomplished.

Fieldrunners brings its own unique charm and style to the tower defense genre. Very animated soldeirs are running for the goal as you build gattleing guns, missle towers and flamethrower towers to destroy your enemies. Some towers can slow down your enemies such as the goo tower and tesla towers; lazer and mortar towers are unlocked after some game play and really help you mop up the field. The game encourages you to be creative with how you layout your ultimate defense; there is no one corrrect way, which enhances the replay value of the otherwise five-level game.

Game play is seen from an overhead view. Games consist of 100 waves of different style villains that you must survive and defeat. You can only let 20 enemies slip past before you lose the match. Enemies drop currency that you can store up and spend on new towers or upgrades for your current towers. Upgraded towers have a longer reach and faster rate of fire.
On the PSP you can zoom in and out to check in on the action or normal view to see the whole field at once. I’ve found this game to be equally fun on the PS3 too. The music isn’t all that memorable over the constant sound of gun fire. One final key feature is you can pause and quit at any time and continue where you left off next time you fire up the game – a nice option and one you usually do not have.
There are lots of tower defense style games available online if you’d like to get your feet wet before making a purchase. Try here, here and for something a little different here. Fair warning they are extremely addictive.
Great way to kill an hour