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Hustle Kings is a billiards simulator available for download in the PlayStation Store. It is remarkably fresh and modern looking for a release costing $9.99. It features an assortment of classy looking tables and pool halls and a host of eight different pool games. Ever wonder how to play that game with red and yellow balls? Well you can find out here and of course there is an American 8 ball game. 

The contemporary and stylish graphics are the first thing you notice when you fire up HK. The lighting and sheen on the balls makes the game feel very glossy and genuine. This game has in-game access to your own music through the XMB but I’ve been fine with the perfectly loud music chosen and made for the game. I’ve even found myself dancing a little jig.
The game play is as realistic as your going to get for pool. Although you probably wouldn’t be able to aim with such precision in real life, this game would be impossible without the built in guiding system. The ball movements are touted as true to life physics by PS and I believe them. The learning curve is very low on this one plays very instinctively. Each shot is judged with an added shot accuracy percentage, which is a great way to see how your game is improving.
In-game voice chat was added to this game through and update after the release as a much needed bonus and I think the social aspects of this game are appealing. However, I can’t help wishing there was some PS Home tie-in with this. Maybe playing as your Home avatars within the game or a Hustle Kings sponsored table in the bowling alley. Maybe even a HK space of it’s own owners of the game can gain access to additional content.
HK features off-line multiplayer and also when you have finessed your game you can take it online see how you really stand up. Go for the leader boards if you want. Opponents are very challenging and will have you shaking your controller in protest in no time.
A very glossy, appealing pool game with a high replay value and social possibilities

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  1. Makes me wish I had a PS3. I guess I’ll have to come visit your pool hall and get hustled in person.

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