last weeks links volume 4

The above image I found on Tumblr. I can’t figure those Tumblr sites out so I have no idea who made it. I go to one then find the same image on 12 others… what the heck? Nevertheless, It seemed a perfect fit for one of these Last Weeks Links posts. 2011 is chock full of gaming news, trailers and other goodies. Lets get to the links…

Fan made films are usually the best kind check out this home made trailer for the PS3 featuring some very creative kids being kids. 
I hope no one missed this amazing trailer for Dead Island that made its rounds last week on the interwebs. Trailers for games are becoming so good I want them to be movies. I’m addicted to zombies and I don’t think I’ll miss this one when it comes out. Speaking of drop dead gorgeous trailers check out this recent Pax East trailer for Prey 2. Shivers… amIrite?
You may have been noticing some design changes to the blog. This is an ongoing attempt to give you, the Gamedae reader, a quality product. I hope you enjoy them. Speaking of some nice designs I came across some neat looking (and informative) timelines during another project. These are from Wired magazine and Sony timeline, Gameboy timeline and this Apple timeline.
I have to give credit to the original artist for the fun zombie Sackboy dressing at the top of the blog this month. Check out Freeny‘s disections on DeviantART. Not only did he create the cross sections of Sackboy anatomy but he’s done Munnys and even a rubber duckie.
Everyone has blown into an NES cartridge at one point or another (then not now, I’ve learned to clean my cartridges). Presenting the NES breathalyzer giving you a new reason to drink.
While on the old school vibe here is an amazing find. An old commercial for Super Nintendo & Gameboy Color. Wu Tang style.
Buffy alum and no stranger to vidya games, Felicia Day, is starring in another web series centered around the Dragon Age universe. Damn I need to start playing that again.
Mario is one of the most beloved characters ever created. I gave you a pretty disturbing Mario link last time so lets even that out with this actually good video: Mario IRL
I finally picked up Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions this month (30 bucks!). And I swear the same day I saw this trailer for a new Spidey, already!
Always a fan of beautiful trailers so I’ll leave you with this upcoming release. It has me awestruck with the landscapes alone. Imagine if you will, maybe just maybe someone made a good mech game.


  1. Tumblr is just another blogging platform, like blogspot. People don’t always credit their images though. :) Enjoyed the Gameboy timeline – brings back fond memories!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jen. I know what Tumblr can be used for, I just find it confusing and wanted to express as much.

    Glad you enjoyed the timelines hope they inspire you (or maybe help with a 3DS purchasing decision!)

  3. Yeah I have no idea how tumblr works. It’s very confusing. Oh well. The Mario IRL video was fantastic. I’ve seen a play of Alice in Wonderland that was essentially the same concept, but the Mario one looks a lot more fun. Automatically better than the actual Mario movie from way back when, although that one was pretty funny.

  4. @SubspaceEmmisary

    Glad I’m not the only one finding Tumblr troubling. An actual play about the Mario characters would be fantastic, someone tell the Spider-man guys!

    Thanks for visiting.

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