Having just finished the story mode in Little Big Planet 3 I thought I’d write a little piece introducing the new characters. LBP is known for two things: the ability to customize and build your own levels and it’s heart warming, mascot Sackboy. Sackboy is a versatile character that can be outfitted to be just about any hero you’d imagine. At first I was hesitant to learn they were adding to the cast; it felt like it might not be necessary and maybe even a cop out to add characters with special skills.

Luckily the new characters are actually really well done and unique enough to warrant their additions to the game. They have abilities that Sackboy just doesn’t have on his own and with those new abilities the gameplay is drastically changed in refreshed ways. Let’s introduce each of the new characters:


He is kinda like a dog because he runs on all fours, but really he’s not a dog at all. Just like Sackboy, you can dress the new characters however you like and they can become whatever you like. Oddsock can be a lizard or a cat or a dog, etc. He is much quicker than his fellow companions and can leap great distances without assistance. His speed allows him to chase up walls and even get inverted for short periods of time.


Much like the (unrelated) Transformers character of the same name, Swoop can fly. Repeatedly tapping the X button will flap Swoop’s wings and soar you to new heights. Swoop is key for reaching power ups you would never be able to reach with Sackboy. An added skill is Swoop can dive bomb down from high up to reach great speeds or do some quick cornering.


Finally the “big guy” joining the fray is Toggle. He is big and slow and pretty hefty too (He looks like he ate Sackboy). His large size lets him break through glass materials. His weight lets him sink in water or weigh down certain buttons and levers. Much like his name suggests Toggle “move” is the ability to switch to an opposite version of himself. A version of Toggle that is small, quick and light. As small Toggle you can squeeze into tight areas, bounce extra high and even walk on the surface of water. He’s probably my favorite of the new three.

The story this time around has Sackboy unwillingly helping an naive, young creator named Newton (voiced by Hugh Laurie) unleash three evil titans on creative paradise! Sackboy travels to the planet “Bumkun” where he proceeds through the different levels to gather his new friends. Together they can stop Newton and the evil titans.

As with all the LBP editions the gameplay is fun and addictive. The story mode may have felt a little shorter this time around. If you are even a passing fan of the first two games your going to love this one. Replay value is high, there are many collectables in each level that will take dozens of run throughs to get. There is no shortage of content in LBP3 with new tools, power-ups and, of course, and endless supply of user generated levels. If somehow you don’t find a level you like, you can always create one yourself.