Playstation Plus is a subscription service available to all PSN users with an annual fee. You can pay for a yearly subscription or a three month subscription. This subscription opens up exclusive content like demos, game trails, betas and themes. Sony’s free online access is a big selling point for the PS3. This is a major development for a company that is heading toward full digital distribution and paying for an otherwise free service was quite a hot topic online amongst the undecided. Players want to know the burning question: Is it worth it?

Prototype 1 hour game trail

I’ve been holding off on my official Gamedae review of the Playstation Plus subscription. After a questionable start with some slow releases, I’ve found that after a year, I have collected enough games to make my PS Plus subscription very valuable. I chose the initial deal offered; it started with a free copy of WipeOut HD, a 1 hour full game trail, discounts to PSone releases, a PS mini and a wallpaper. While information on upcoming releases is scarce I’ve been collecting a PS mini, theme and either a game trail or beta every couple of weeks.

DC Universe Online Early Beta

To explain how I reached my grading I’m going to provide a pros and con list after the jump. Maybe it will help you off the fence if you have been thinking about signing up.

  • A subscription has the potential to help curb your spending on the PSN
  • Huge for PSP fans with lots of releases
  • Magic automatic game updates while your system is off. Even downloading demos and games (I’ve found this to be a huge benefit and worth the sub $ alone)
  • Seemingly free games every two weeks
  • Spyro & Oddworld
  • Play games you may otherwise never have even tried
  • Early access to private beta releases. Examples include Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, LBP2 and DC Universe Online
  • You may end up with games you already own (especially true if you download cheaper on sale games from the PS store)
  • You may need a larger hard drive if you keep everything
  • PS Plus icon next to your avatar online (everyone knows your subscriber)
  • You could buy a new game with your $50
  • There is always going to be a risk you may not like it
  • PS minis are mostly garbage
  • Strangely there are no perks for PS Home users
  • Free content is removed if you let your subscription run out
Stacking free game
Looking forward to seeing future releases. Hopefully the quality will continue like the games I’ve mentioned and shown in the pictures. I’ll definitely be resubscribing when the times comes. Are you ready to sign up?
Way better than that flickering blue Wii light