Before you is the first post in new series, a format of indefinite length and regularity called Sum and Substance. It’s and attempt to catalog games and “gamerly” things I’ve been up to between posts. To capture some of the things slipping away in this fast-paced, ever-changing hobby.

After finishing the original God of War I’ve continued my PS2 retro-play by shooting my way through Robotech Invasion. While not a popular choice this game has been on my radar for a while. The story takes place during the third Robotech war against the Invid. A story told in the Robotech anime series known as The Next Generation. Invasion is a shooter title with the main protagonist in a “Cyclone” suit rather than a large transforming mech, this heavy armor suit transforms into a motorcycle.

On the mobile front, I’ve accepted a new TwoDots addiction. I knew staying faithful and keeping my skills up to date in the original Dots would come in handy! I’m excited how they’ve expanded this simple game and made it more addicting than ever.

My email inbox held a special treat, I was invited to the Destiny First Look Alpha. I think, I have Amazon to thank, the email came from them. I’m not really in the Call of Duty crowd, who this game is aimed at, but I am hopeful the sci-fi backdrop of this shooter will appeal to me. It’s just a short tease but I’m now looking forward to this title to drop in September.

Finally took a walk down 6th ave and visited the new J+L Game Trading store in midtown NYC! The store layout is just like the old Chinatown spot only maybe larger and much brighter. Great spot to find older games and systems, as well as advice and repairs.