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2 old 2 play update

In case you were unaware, I write regular posts for another gaming site called 2 Old 2 Play.com. A website community for gamer 25 and older. I try to avoid double posting the content here on Gamedae for the most part. I’ll continue to do these update posts with links to my articles over there. Quick and easy links for my readers and also myself. Picking up where I left off in my last 2 Old 2 Play update, I’ve been a busy blogger for the older gamers.

Following the progress of one of the year’s biggest titles has been a little daunting. For over a year and right up to the game’s launch High Moon Studios has been trickling out information for Transformers fans to get excited about. This has led to quite a few posts for Transformers Fall of Cybertron with upcoming release news (7/6/2012) or some more original content like my piece on Transformers canon (5/11/2012) and of course, the review (8/30/2012).

As a gamer, everyone knows that E3 is the biggest event of the year; covering E3 for 2O2P was no exception. Luckily, the content team banded together to divide and conquer. Some of the Gamedae Couch Coverage I was able to repurpose like the E3 Home Viewing Guide (6/1/2012) and my Nintendo Keynote (6/5/2012) recap.

I’ve continued the Whiterun Times posts covering the news pertaining to Bethesda’s title Skyrim, even a little news on the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO. Update 1.6 (5/30/2012) with a tease of the mounted combat system and an E3 edition (6/7/2012) of the Whiterun Times with the announcement of the first DLC: Dawnguard.

What we’ve been calling “News Posts” is a way to get information to the community quickly via shorter punchier posts. I’ve participated in the weekly New Releases (8/20) as well as announcing some new game trailers like Joe Danger 2 The Movie (8/17/2012).

Some of my favorite posts of the year have been the review of Starhawk (5/23/2012), the futuristic third-person shooter MMO exclusive for the PS3 and introducing this (mostly Xbox users) community to some of the gems in the Sony universe like PS Home via The Casino. (6/20/2012).

There are more posts on the way for 2o2p. This list takes you right up into September. Be sure to check out the front page news on 2old2play.com often.

2 old 2 play update

The past few months the majority of my writing has gone to 2Old2Play.com. Being part of the writing team there is going really well. It is nice being critiqued by your peers and they have me playing some games I might not have played otherwise. After the jump is a list of the posts I have running on the 2O2P front page. Take a gander and see if anything strikes your interest. While your there, why not join the community? There are game giveaways and forum topics on just about everything you might be interested in.

I’ve started an ongoing feature called The Whiterun Times where I report news on everything Skyrim. Check out the premiere post (April 16th) with a feature on the (then-upcoming) XBox360 Kinect integration. The second Whiterun Times post (May 4th) announces the upcoming DLC called Dawnguard among other news.
I’m also posting news on an upcoming release I’m really excited for: Transformers Fall of Cybertron. You may recall Verdeberg and I really enjoying it’s predecessor War for Cybertron. The first post (April 27th) is a roll call of the playable characters in the new game.
Of course, I’m still doing reviews. Check out this piece on the iOS game: rComplex (April 13th). It was a lot like Canabalt if you remember that one. Also posted, is another tag team game review with another writer of the downloadable game Awesomenauts (May 11th).

I’ll keep posting the links to my 2O2P material for easy reference, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

state of the blog 2012


Welcome to the second, annual Gamedae State of the Blog address. Recapping the highlights and stats of 2011 and the plans for the site’s future. We will explore some of the more popular posts and where some of the site’s content is going (and why it isn’t on the blog.) Without further adieu, let’s get into what happened in 2011.

Total views in 2011: 8,317 (views are up 106% over last year)

Most viewed posts:
    •    netflix picks (Mar 18, 2011) – 376 Pageviews
    •    last week’s links volume 4 – 336 Pageviews
    •    TMNT: turtles in time re-shelled – 304 Pageviews

Games reviewed: 19

Most popular browser used: Chrome

Most commented on post: 1001 Video Games (A contest)

Most productive contributor: Zoidberger (with 4+ posts! Thanks also to Verdeberg and Goose Egg for your contributions)

Followers (through Blogger): 8 (We still need to work on this)

Gamedae Milestones:  

Most site visits from a foreign country: Brazil
Goals met in 2011:
New Goals for 2012:
    •    Bring in new readers
    •    Alternate game covers
    •    Get invited to E3

As for the light content thus far in 2012, I have an important announcement to make: I have joined the content team for 2Old2Play.com, a large online community of gamers, ages 25 and up. Not only is this a great site for gamers looking for like-minded forums, but getting posts on the front page is bringing exposure to my writing and an uptick in viewers for Gamedae. Please visit some of the following links to see what you’ve been missing.

2O2P Game Reviews
Hydrophobia Prophecy
Starhawk Beta
Sideway NY
PS Vita Part 1Part 2

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