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Every now and then a game comes along that really gets under your skin. You hear the music and find yourself reliving the moments in your head. You run back to play it every chance you get — not so much to advance or improve but rather, just to get your fix.

Canabalt is one of those games. This truly casual game, which anyone could get into, has graphics that consist of simple game sprites and even simpler backgrounds with only one thing the player needs to do: jump. One button control is all that’s needed to play and in some cases it is as simple as just tapping the screen. As the game’s tag line says “Outrun the demolition of your city with just one button!”. This is a survival game, meaning: try not to fall and you can keep going. Your character simply runs from roof-top to roof-top, hurtling through the air. The only control is the jump button which is sensitive allowing you to choose a lighter jump rather than a longer jump.

Designed and coded by Adam Atomic and his friends. This game began as a experiment for gameplay and in just a few weekends (about 5 days spread out across most of August 2010). Canabalt was made with Flash using the Fixel actionscript library of code. The game was released on the web September 1st, 2010. It has since been ported to the iPad and iPhone.

The music is repetitive but enjoyable (it was done over night). It’s an eerie sound that becomes increasingly fast in tempo. The beats combined with stark, black and white graphics set a (seemingly) serious tone. There are some cute sound effects as well.  Listen for my favorites, including the pitter patter of your feet running as fast they can and the sudden thud as you miss your window jump and slam against the side of a building.
Canabalt is available for free a few different places online like Kongregate.com and here at Not Doppler. App versions are available for both the iPhone and the iPad for a minimal cost. I’ve been playing myself on my recently acquired iPad and so far it is my go-to game. So, much like Neo just make that first roof jump yourself and you will be hooked looking your Carabalt fix too.
Tap tap tap d’oh!

super mario bros. crossover

Progress: 80% at time of posting

There is and has been a thriving, user generated Flash game scene for years. Shame on me for neglecting it; well no more! A little game called Super Mario Bros. Crossover has changed all that. You may have seen some different emulators/ports of Super Mario Bros. (SMB) before but never with additional characters from classic NES games. This is the team-up I’ve dreamed about playing as a child. The idea is simply genius, play your way through the complete eight SMB worlds as Mega Man, Samus, Link, Bill (Contra), or Simon (Castlevania) and of course Mario.

This is not just a change to the character graphics (sprites) our hero’s bring over their skills and moves from their own games. Bill can use the Contra favorite Spread Gun, Link has his boomerang to stun opponents before slicing them, Simon can use his whip. All the characters react to eating mushrooms and fire plants differently in a way that reflects their own game. I won’t spoil all the surprises. Half the fun of the game is check out the unique character interactions. Currently Exploding Rabbit has the game hosted at newgrounds.com:

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

This game is as extremely addictive as its always been. SMB is among the highest selling video games of all time and this spin on it almost makes it feel fresh again. After every level, you get to go back to the character select screen allowing you to change your character. Also the game smartly added unlimited continues so the fun never has to stop. Using a keyboard is not recommended by the author, but can be done easily. PC users will have the most options getting this to play full screen and using a game pad. Personally I would love to have this game running on my PSP or DS handheld.

The music mash ups are really fun. The different characters bring over different sound effects and music from their own games really helping to add to the crossover effect of the game. I’m not sure if there are any copyright laws being broken here but I do think even Shigeru Miyamoto, the original game designer of SMB, would enjoy playing through this game. Thank you Exploding Rabbit for making and sharing this game with the world I will certainly be checking back to see what you come up with next. Visit the designer’s site here:

Exploding Rabbit

Grade: B
Summary: You have to play it to believe it.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Version 1.1 has been released featuring a new character: Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. This is a new version of the game.

“…it’s almost like a re-release of the game. This is how I would have wanted to originally release the game if I had the time.” -Jay Pavlina

Game is now playable over at supermariobroscrossover.com.

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