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last weeks links volume 4

The above image I found on Tumblr. I can’t figure those Tumblr sites out so I have no idea who made it. I go to one then find the same image on 12 others… what the heck? Nevertheless, It seemed a perfect fit for one of these Last Weeks Links posts. 2011 is chock full of gaming news, trailers and other goodies. Lets get to the links…

Fan made films are usually the best kind check out this home made trailer for the PS3 featuring some very creative kids being kids. 
I hope no one missed this amazing trailer for Dead Island that made its rounds last week on the interwebs. Trailers for games are becoming so good I want them to be movies. I’m addicted to zombies and I don’t think I’ll miss this one when it comes out. Speaking of drop dead gorgeous trailers check out this recent Pax East trailer for Prey 2. Shivers… amIrite?
You may have been noticing some design changes to the blog. This is an ongoing attempt to give you, the Gamedae reader, a quality product. I hope you enjoy them. Speaking of some nice designs I came across some neat looking (and informative) timelines during another project. These are from Wired magazine and Gizmodo.com: Sony timeline, Gameboy timeline and this Apple timeline.
I have to give credit to the original artist for the fun zombie Sackboy dressing at the top of the blog this month. Check out Freeny‘s disections on DeviantART. Not only did he create the cross sections of Sackboy anatomy but he’s done Munnys and even a rubber duckie.
Everyone has blown into an NES cartridge at one point or another (then not now, I’ve learned to clean my cartridges). Presenting the NES breathalyzer giving you a new reason to drink.
While on the old school vibe here is an amazing find. An old commercial for Super Nintendo & Gameboy Color. Wu Tang style.
Buffy alum and no stranger to vidya games, Felicia Day, is starring in another web series centered around the Dragon Age universe. Damn I need to start playing that again.
Mario is one of the most beloved characters ever created. I gave you a pretty disturbing Mario link last time so lets even that out with this actually good video: Mario IRL
I finally picked up Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions this month (30 bucks!). And I swear the same day I saw this trailer for a new Spidey, already!
Always a fan of beautiful trailers so I’ll leave you with this upcoming release. It has me awestruck with the landscapes alone. Imagine if you will, maybe just maybe someone made a good mech game.

last weeks links volume 3

It’s my busy time of year at the ol’ day job. Which is only barely offset by playing my heart out in Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3 and Spyro (PS1) during my commute on the PSP. I want to be farther along in both games before I write a review. In lieu of this week’s review I have another volume of great linkage for you.

“Our new logo epitomizes the change, innovation and creative growth that are the cornerstones of the new THQ,”said Brian Farrell, THQ President and CEO.
The day job consists of a lot of design work. In doing so I see a lot of advertising and branding. So this big change in THQ’s branding did not go unnoticed. What do you think of the big red Q? Did you know THQ original stood for Toy Head-Quarters?
Gamedae reader Keyrouze sent in a link found featuring video game characters in their in real life environments. That Zelda image is pretty tight–I can think of a few times I was taking pictures and thought they could be game backgrounds.
This is one of the craziest Mario movies ever. Sorry I couldn’t find it in better resolution.
The first in-game pics from X-Men Destiny are finally emerging! More here. I’m really excited for this game. My beloved mutants deserve a hot new game. Past X-Men games have been pretty respectable.
How excited did you get for Little Big Planet 2 this week?! Did you go to the launch event in NYC? I know, I keep talking about this game. Do you like February’s banner?
Who knew jailbreaking your iPhone was OK with the law but hacking your PS3 is a crime? Isn’t it your PS3? Also, if a crime takes place on Facebook where does it go to trail?
Last summer this Mortal Kombat short hit the internet. With no explanation given at the time rumors went around like crazy. “Was it a new movie?” Turns out, it was directed by producer Kevin Tancharoen as “proof-of-concept” in hopes of getting a new MK feature film green lit. Interestingly the cast stared Jeri Ryan. Yes, that Jeri Ryan. Recently, Warner Bros. has opted for 10 “internet shorts”. The shorts are rumored to be releasing on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN.
I’m pretty excited for the new NGP. What’s an NGP? It’s the Next Generation Portable, duh. Not to worry it is only the products code name until it is released.
And finally, I’ll leave you with an Oliva Munn link I’m sure you’ve never pictured.

last week’s links volume 2

Well, it is now the eve of Halloween weekend and I haven’t played (or written) a lot this week so I’m giving you another instalment of Last Week’s Links. Lets kick it off with a struggle for human kind. Personally, I haven’t been into the Resistance franchise yet. Resistance 3, from Insomniac Games, hits this holiday season. This amazing live action trailer has me very excited get into the battle and now I may go pick up Resistance 2. I think I can skip the first one at this point.

More linkage after the jump

Still looking for some last minute costume ideas? Maybe some choice animated shows will give you the inspiration you need. The Hub is a new network available through your cable provider. With my axles still greased from Transformers War for Cybertron, I’m very interested in this all new (canon) Transformers Prime. It features new character designs for all your favorite Transformers but they are heavily influenced by TF: WfC, which makes me very hopeful. Transformers: Prime debuts November 29th. There is also another reboot featuring some of the classic GI Joe characters in the works from the same network, called GI Joe: Renegades.

Seeing some scantily clad, sexy referee costumes on Halloween is about as close as I get to playing sports. We haven’t covered any sports games here on Gamedae yet, but we are always looking to make that change. I read a interesting take on the recent Fifa 11 vs Madden 11. While we are talking football check out this amazing home commentary during a Madden game. Doesn’t that make you want to throw the ol’ pig skin around?

What good is Halloween unless you watch dozens of horror movies. Well Netflix streaming has you covered. After the recent update to the service you can now stream Netflix without the disc. I didn’t realize the disc was a huge problem for some but alas the cure is here. Now what am I going to do with my Netflix streaming discs?

Couple weeks back now I posted a gallery of cosplay images from the NYCC. Judging by my blog stats you readers liked it. In case you didn’t get your full cosplay fix, here is the official Marvel Cosplay Gallery.

And finally yet another marketing email got my attention. Nintendo is releasing limited edition Mario 25th Annivesary Wii consiles in red. What I found most interesting is the new Wii Remote Plus which sports a built in Wii MotionPlus. The package also comes with Wii Sports and New Super Mario Brothers Wii.
This concludes this volume of Last Week’s Links. I want to wish all my readers a scary, horror-movie, scary-game filled Halloween weekend! And, don’t forget to watch the Walking Dead on Sunday night at 10pm on AMC!

last week’s links volume 1

The other night I settled in for a night of Netflix streaming. Found and re-watched Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie. I enjoyed it so much I dug around the streaming movies library and found Street Fighter Alpha Generations then decided to make it a double feature night. I found a couple more SF animated movies going to check them all out eventually.

I recently made another PS Store purchase. Picking up those sickly, cute Marvel Little Big Planet Sackboy costumes. Running around the LBP levels as Thor and Wolverine is really just icing on the cake and has my interest in this game fully restored.
I had some fun with LBP and found some new favorite User gen levels.  Levels lke Apollo 13 & Titanic made by user ima_taka are truly unbelievable and will restore your faith in humanity being capable of great things.
I also purchased the Uncharted 2 Dynamic theme. I think this is the best available so far, It features a high res snow scape and Drake trudging through the snow endlessly. Very cool looking but not too distracting, just right.
Messing around with the PS3’s themes got me thinking about making a theme of my own. I found PS3-Themes.com online while using the PS3 browser and was able to get some user made themes for free. Definitely worth a visit if you want to change up your XMB’s look. Digging further through the interwebs I was able to locate a Mac based Theme creator program. Hoping to give it a shot next week it involves some signing up for the download which I was hesitant about.. I’d recommend looking into Themes to any creative types out there looking for a way to spread the word about your work; people love free stuff.
Speaking of free content on the web. I traded links with some good guys while playing poker in the EA Sports Home space. I discovered this great PS3 browser friendly anime site called Kumby.com. Amazing site really I’ve been watching the High School of the Dead. An amazing series that you really just have to see to believe. It’s every anime cliché you can think of  beautifully wrapped around an interesting zombie plot.
I resubscribed to Gameinformer. One of the better game magazines out there. They have been doing a great job with wrap around covers since their redesign. This months Batman: Arkham City cover is no exception.
I’ll leave you with some Live action Metroid Other M live action ads they may run some where. I first saw these on one of my fav other blogs. Why can’t all cosplay look like this? JK don’t stop. ‘Till next week.

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