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Getting some new friends in Little Big Planet 3

Having just finished the story mode in Little Big Planet 3 I thought I’d write a little piece introducing the new characters. LBP is known for two things: the ability to customize and build your own levels and it’s heart warming, mascot Sackboy. Sackboy is a versatile character that can be outfitted to be just about any hero you’d imagine. At first I was hesitant to learn they were adding to the cast; it felt like it might not be necessary and maybe even a cop out to add characters with special skills.

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Owning a PS Vita has been bitter sweet. On one hand it’s a powerful, sleek handheld console and in the other hand it gets as much action as a paperweight. You can count all the great Vita games on one hand. The launch titles were a mess and can all be found rotting away in a marked down bin at Gamestop. The droves of titles that are available are mainly ports from PS2. Then came a system-saving title from the geniuses at Media Molecule, Tearaway.

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excuses, excuses

It’s the time of year that I usually gather the Gamedae contributors and urge them to add to my end-of-the-year “Best and Worst” post. Last year we praised our favorite games and ousted some shortfalls. We are all very busy this year; however, it is for a just and noble cause. I have to hang up the controller (not really but I should have controller hooks on the wall that would be great) and take the proverbial “plunge”. That’s right, yours truly is getting married this New Years Day.

Rest assured the Gamedae, casual game critiques, will be back after the New Year. I currently own more games than ever, with more than a few just waiting for me to open them. After a game season like this last one, I should have enough games to review all next year without even buying more (as if).
I won’t make you gag by showing you a romantic picture of me with the bride-to-be. Instead you will get a couple of pictures detailing the construction of the custom wedding cake topper.
Applying the “hair”
Sizing the veil
Making the top hat
making the bouquet
Ready for the big day
See you in 2012.
I love me some Skyrim but my GOTY would have to go to Portal 2.

little big planet 2: guinness world records event

PLATFORM: Sony Style Store

LOCATION: New York City
In a sad case of my reporting losing out to lack of patience, I give you a Gamedae On Location report of the setting up of Little Big Planet 2‘s launch event at the Sony Style store in NYC. Imagine if you will, you have a three day weekend, it is 20° outside with dirty snow on the ground. The Playstation Blog is reporting a live streaming event of Media Molecule guys breaking Guinness World Records. Do you stay in bed all day or get up there and snap some pics? I get up there in the cold (albeit far too early) and snap some pics for you the few, the loyal, the Gamedae readers! Pics after the jump.

little big planet 2 beta

DEVELOPER: Media Molecule

Progress: Lots of Pins

Blown Away. That is the only way to describe playing the new Little Big Planet 2 Beta. There is so much new potential already being unlocked by the thriving community of players and level creators. In case you’ve been sleeping on this massive game the quick dish is you can create your own levels. That’s a full story game plus the seemingly unlimited, user-created levels. Lets face it, your first purchase of 2011 is coming out on January 18th. 

Gamedae is officially holding off on a letter grade for now since the game is still in its Beta form (not the final release). But you can bet your Game Informer subscription this is going to be a A.

Hit the jump to see some community levels your sure to “heart” when the full game comes out:

The Ancient Trails of New Beh’Ta
By Luos_83 

Sony vs Marvel vs Capcom by polloizarraraz43

Sackro Machines 2 By Splapp-me-do

Mammoth Hunt By dajdaj03

Grade Pending
Let the fun begin again

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