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E3 2011: sony computer entertainment keynote

The Sony Keynote was held live at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and around the world via G4 and the Playstation blog. Pre-keynote questions were being pondered even as the curtain was raised. Sony is still recovering from the biggest cyber attack in history that crippled the Playstation Network for more than 2 weeks, how will they address this? More importantly how will the crowd react? Upon entrance Sony handed out 3D glasses to the entire room as they eagerly awaited the keynote to begin.

How you feel about the Sony event will depend mainly on how you feel about handhelds in general. Gamedae is pro handheld so we eagerly awaited this keynote and any new info on the NGP, Next Generation Portable. Hit the jump for the play by play:

Photo: PS Twitter

Behold a shiny opening montage featuring the NGP, the PS Move, Uncharted 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Captain America, God of War, Green Lantern, Resident Evil, MLB and dozens more.

Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony, addresses “the elephant in the room.” Starts by saying “your welcome” to the press for all the stories around the black out. PS3 sales have exceeded last years numbers. Most importantly he apologizes to consumers for anxiety they have experienced as a result of the outage. Network usage is at 90% since before the black out. A new service is coming to PSN called Cinema Now.

Evin Wells & Christophe @ Naughty Dog for Uncharted 3. Looks like Drake is taking a boat ride which ends up looking like the Poseidon Adventure. The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta will begin on June 28th. Game will support 3D. Full game releases 11.1.11.

Insomniac creative director, Marcus Smith, shows off Resistance 3. The story of Resistance 3 picks up right after Resistance 2 and things look bleak for mankind. The demo shown takes place in a simulated St Louis. This is truly some next level War of the Worlds, first person shooter, stuff.

PS Sharpshooter bundle includes the PS Move + PS Sharpshooter + Resistance 3 for $150 bucks.

Remaster versions of the God of War PSP games hits PS3 in HD/3D, as well as, The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus collection. PS boasts more than 100 3D games for consumers.

Playstation announces a 24″ 3D Display, new two screens-in-one technology with multiplayer games in mind. Using the 3D glasses, each player sees their perspective in full screen – multiplayer without split screen!  A bundle with glasses + HDMI cable and Resistance 3 for $499, additional glasses will be $69.99. Geared to be a affordable entry into 3D as they pave the way for wide spread 3D adoption.

Chris Snyder and Erick Boenisch from 2K Sports demonstrate NBA2K12. NBA2K12 features PS Move integration. Target players with the Move to control them. Kobe Bryant from the LA Lakers comes out to demo the game. He’s better on the real hardwood.

Medieval Moves Dead Man’s Quest another PS Move game is announced. Bow and Arrow/Sword and Shield moves with literal movement associated with it.  No weapon select screen, weapons selected depend on motion used . Cute graphics with a Don Bluth animation look to them. Puzzle solving in game looks fun but may be skewed to a younger demographic.

InFamous 2 from Sucker Punch will also have PS Move integration. InFamous 2 is available now. They will be adding update where you can build your own levels.

More updates will follow; in September LBP2 will have PS Move support. Build and play unique PS Move levels.

Releasing in 2012: Star Hawk. This is from LightBox Interactive and is some kinda of space combat game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time announced. Amazing graphics on par with the best animated films. Looks exciting. Another release date of 2012.

Eve Online creators come out for a new 3rd party exclusive to PS3. Dust 514 takes place in the same universe as Eve Online. Connects the two platforms, console and PC, “One universe one war”. Closed beta end of 2011 release in 2012. Also the first mention of PS Home with an associated Dust 514 space.

Bioshock Infinite has a “trailer made from entirely in-game footage”. Ken Levine explains he was wrong about the PS Move, in a previous interview, and that it could work well without sacrificing any of the game. Bonus: Bioshock NGP game coming soon.

THQ presents Saints Row (also with PS Move support) and mentions the JJ Abrams Star Trek film(s) will have a PS Move supported game. Release date for Star Trek is 2012.

EA has three games with exclusive PS3 content: SSX has an exclusive level of Mt. Fuji, Need for Speed: The Run will have 7 additional cars, and BattleField 3 includes a copy of the PSN title 1943.

Kazuo Hirai, another president of Sony, comes out to announce the NGP, says “Mobile devises are ready, after six years, for the Playstation experience”. PS Suite will have new PS content for Android smart phones and tablets. NGP is named PS Vita (vita means life). Sports dual analog sticks, touch screen and touch pad on the back. PS Vita will also take advantage of new technologies like augmented reality by using the two built in cameras. AT&T is exclusive partner (boos from audience). Party and Near are built in apps for social media.

Scott Rhode product developer for Sony Bend Talks about Uncharted for PS Vita. “The bar for Uncharted production values are very high”. They wouldn’t have made the game without the possibilities of dynamic lighting effects and the ability to create a unique game. Makes use of the PS Vita functions such as the touch screen for melee combat.

Ruin is an action based, “impact-ful combat” RPG. Travis Williams Sony SF. Events happen in real time play against rivals. Play on both the PS3 and PS Vita. Seamless continuing between hardware with via Cloud game saves.

An entirely new ModNation Racers for PS Vita! Drawing with your finger to make custom tracks. Completely overhauled track editor for the PS Vita game that really uses the new features. Press on the back touch pad to create mountains – press the front touch screen to decrease the landscape. Current PS3 community tracks will be available to PS Vita players.

Little Big Planet for PS Vita! Features new multiplayer modes taking advantage of the touch screen (think air hockey). New creation controls using the cameras. Able to share LBP costumes with LBP2 version.

A brand new game in the works from Capcom: Street Fighter vs Tekken. Yoshinori Ono from Capcom, Mr Street Fighter, with the latest info. Cole from inFamous will be joining the game as a playable character. Game is for PS3 and PS Vita. This game is a must buy.

All in all: Over 80 titles in development for PS Vita. PS Vita is $249 for Wifi only version and $299 for the 3G/Wifi version.

teenage mutant ninja turtles:turtles in time re-shelled

Progress: Finished multiple times
Growing up, my family always had family friends. I think most do; parents that are friendly and they both have kids your same age – and you become friends because you are around each other a lot. My family and friends would go to Utah a lot on ski trips. Sometimes we would stay in the canyons but one year I specifically remember staying in Salt Lake City. I remember this vividly, mostly because there was a mall there with a huge arcade (remember those?). Now my memory may be a little off because I was a lot younger and shorter, and frankly the world looked different then. Click Read More to continue.
One machine at this arcade garnered our full attention. It was a huge arcade cabinet, think 4-player Gauntlet or the image above. It played like Double Dragon and featured the (still new at the time) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was loud and colorful and my friends and I were ready to play. I’m not sure how old we were and I don’t care to count. Old enough to be left alone but still young enough that we were in ski school. Our parents had left us at the arcade while they went to dinner. It was a four-player game and with my sister in tow that made four of us. We must have poured 20 dollars each into that game and played for what seemed like forever. I just remember how excited I was. When our parents finally came back we were nearing the final battle and our dads seemed like they were actually into it (drinking at dinner?). Then came the final nunchuk blow and Krang went down—the game ends with a brief “You win” screen, then abruptly starts over. The parents had enough and we were forced to leave. I remember the excitement I had felt give way to disappointment and feeling jipped. But damn that was fun while it lasted and created a memory I obviously still cherish.
Original arcade graphics
Back then I always had one of the lame TMNT games at home. Fast forward to now and you can find TMNT: Turtles In Time on both XBox Live and PSN. It is basically the same game I had played as a kid (technically it was the game’s sequel in the arcade). It is a fairly cheap download with trophies added in and updated HD graphics. The new look is a solid improvement, and it removed the jaggies, but sadly I expect more. So here I am excited again, right? Let’s just say: Always read a review before you download. I fired the game up and must admit it was fun. I beat it in 20 minutes. My true feelings about the game really dawned on me: this game is short, the cut screens are laughable and the boss battles are predictable. It even has the same unforgiving surfing style level as the previous game. And the soundtrack and sound effects are (break your speakers) horrible.
Updated HD graphics
I’m left feeling that same disappointment as when the game had originally ended for me. I don’t regret downloading it because it was a fun trip down memory lane. I will probably even play it a few more times. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend purchasing it unless you are a die-hard TMNT fan. In which case, TMNT: Turtles In Time is probably the best TMNT game around.
Shoulda stayed in the past
In 2012, Nickelodeon is planning a new animated series for TMNT.

playstation plus

Playstation Plus is a subscription service available to all PSN users with an annual fee. You can pay for a yearly subscription or a three month subscription. This subscription opens up exclusive content like demos, game trails, betas and themes. Sony’s free online access is a big selling point for the PS3. This is a major development for a company that is heading toward full digital distribution and paying for an otherwise free service was quite a hot topic online amongst the undecided. Players want to know the burning question: Is it worth it?

Prototype 1 hour game trail

I’ve been holding off on my official Gamedae review of the Playstation Plus subscription. After a questionable start with some slow releases, I’ve found that after a year, I have collected enough games to make my PS Plus subscription very valuable. I chose the initial deal offered; it started with a free copy of WipeOut HD, a 1 hour full game trail, discounts to PSone releases, a PS mini and a wallpaper. While information on upcoming releases is scarce I’ve been collecting a PS mini, theme and either a game trail or beta every couple of weeks.

DC Universe Online Early Beta

To explain how I reached my grading I’m going to provide a pros and con list after the jump. Maybe it will help you off the fence if you have been thinking about signing up.

  • A subscription has the potential to help curb your spending on the PSN
  • Huge for PSP fans with lots of releases
  • Magic automatic game updates while your system is off. Even downloading demos and games (I’ve found this to be a huge benefit and worth the sub $ alone)
  • Seemingly free games every two weeks
  • Spyro & Oddworld
  • Play games you may otherwise never have even tried
  • Early access to private beta releases. Examples include Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, LBP2 and DC Universe Online
  • You may end up with games you already own (especially true if you download cheaper on sale games from the PS store)
  • You may need a larger hard drive if you keep everything
  • PS Plus icon next to your avatar online (everyone knows your subscriber)
  • You could buy a new game with your $50
  • There is always going to be a risk you may not like it
  • PS minis are mostly garbage
  • Strangely there are no perks for PS Home users
  • Free content is removed if you let your subscription run out
Stacking free game
Looking forward to seeing future releases. Hopefully the quality will continue like the games I’ve mentioned and shown in the pictures. I’ll definitely be resubscribing when the times comes. Are you ready to sign up?
Way better than that flickering blue Wii light

hustle kings: midnight millions by mg

Hustle Kings is one of those games that I can just turn on at any time for a quick gambling fix. That being said, Anotherdae and I have been in the midst of a late night pool rivalry for well over a year now. Our best-of-five matches have a tendency to get pretty heated. There have been many late nights that have turned into early mornings trying to make our money back from each other.
Put your quarters on the table.
Highlight reel after the jump:

Quite possibly the best shot I have ever sunk:

For the win:

Although Anotherdae rated this game as a B-, I would easily give this game a B+. I love living out my Hustler/Color of Money fantasies. If only I could play this well at the bars here in NYC.

I’ll leave you with this trick shot 2 ways:

spyro (ps one classic)

RELEASE DATE: 10/2011 PS Plus (Originally 10/1997)
DEVELOPER: Insomniac

Progress: 70%

Commuting can be rough. The monotony of the same trip to work everyday can lead to depression and at its worse needless rage. Looking around any subway car I can see almost everyone’s eyes glued to their damned iPhones playing “games”. Some of us know the truth, while their are a few exceptions, real games are played on game systems. Lately, I’ve be chugging through one such game on my PSP. Making progress in 30 minute intervals during my commute. It is safe to say the little dragon named Spyro is helping with my sanity.
I never owned a PS1 myself so I missed Spyro when it was originally released in 1997. I bought my sister a PS1 but it basically became her boyfriend’s console. Thanks to my PS Plus subscription I’ve now been introduced to Spyro and I have Spyro 2 already queued up and ready to go.
Spyro is a little, purple dragon (not to be confused with Figment). Something dreadful has happened to the major dragon families and you have to go save all the dragons encased in crystal. Along the way discovering your abilities and collecting the missing members of the various dragon families. Sparx the dragonfly is along for the ride following Spyro closely and helping find gems. In a genius bit of design Sparx also acts like the player’s health meter refillable by feeding him butterflies. It’s a fun little romp and you can see the roots of the humor and storytelling that team Insomniac would later use on Ratchet & Clank.
Spyro is the Mario 64 for PS. Simple controls, cutesy graphics and many, many levels to challenge your skills. I sure this game was hailed fondly by critics when it was originally released much as was Mario 64. The game mechanics are not difficult and they adjust to the PSP controls well. As a baby dragon you can’t outright fly but you can glide, breath fire, charge an enemy which are essentially the three skills you will hone to beat the game.
Spryo himself seems to be modeled after the movements of a puppy. The way he walks and runs are just like the movements of a small dog. I particularly like when he falls or is picked up by a gust of air, his feet slip out from under him like a dog on a slippery wood floor.
The graphics are pretty dated and angular (a fate suffered by games from this time) though I’m sure were rated very good at release. Viewing them on the 3.5 inch PSP screen is possibly the best way as they look very crisp and the screen size is more forgiving. There are some times where the camera struggles to follow you but (again) like Mario 64 you have controller options to change the camera angle.
Levels start out extremely easy and get more difficult later in the game. Completionists will have a great time finding all of the different levels and collectibles. At any time you can check your inventory to see if you may have missed an item. Which is a handy refresher after a busy day at work you hardly remember where you were at in the game.
While I enjoyed this game a lot, I think most of it was not having played it when it first came out and always wanting too. For your average gamer, with no sentimental attachment to it, this game will not hold up. It is dated looking and if wasn’t for the full 3D world to explore and the great character designs it just wouldn’t be playable. It would be interesting to hear how someone who played it new in 1997 would feel about it today. Hoping to see some improvements in the sequel.
BONUS: Learn to draw Spyro yourself.

Great for dog lovers

pixeljunk monsters

I am a perfectionist, a bad winner and sore loser, what some may refer to as a “Type A” personality; which is why I became immediately obsessed with PixelJunk Monsters, a tower defense game, by Q-Games. The meditative music, simple but charming graphics and highly addictive yet uncomplicated game play makes this a perfect choice for a novice gamer who does not like to lose.

After a short but effective tutorial, you quickly uncover the premise of the game – strategically place different types of towers (including but not limited to cannons, arrows, air cannons, ice towers, lasers, Tesla towers) around your arena to kill an ongoing onslaught of monsters before they destroy your villagers.
You have 20 waves of villains & a boss to fight off in each level. You are given a certain amount of coins to build towers, each one costing a different amount. Every time monsters are killed by your weapons, you are rewarded with more coins and gems. Coins are used to build more towers and gems can be used to increase the strength of a tower or purchase more powerful weapon towers. You can tear down towers you have built to reclaim some money (but you usually only get about half) in order to rebuild a tower elsewhere in the arena or a different type of tower to kill a particular breed of monster.
If you can clear a stage and keep all of your villagers alive, you receive a rainbow. Often, to the chagrin of my teammate, I will retry a level as soon as one villager is killed. In my mind, a level is not worth finishing if you cannot get a rainbow. I often live certain aspects of my life by this very same principle – stop and start over if you have the chance, to achieve perfection.
You can play this as a single player or with a partner. Honestly, I go back and forth between whether it is easier to play alone or with someone else. Alone, you are the only one who can build towers so the difficulty lies in making sure you are covered throughout the arena so no monsters slip by your strategically placed defenses. Together, you can easily split up and have one on offense and one on defense, however you can encounter fundamental disagreements on strategy. When you have two players, operating under different approaches it makes it hard to clear a stage with a rainbow. If you play with a partner, you need to communicate and play as a team – even if you need to endure some hostile disagreements.
One of my favorite things about this game is that it requires you to think creatively and fast. You also have to be flexible and willing to switch up your strategy mid-game if you see your initial plans are not working in your favor. I feel you can learn a lot about yourself and your teammate about their approach to playing this game. Are they aggressive and load up all the towers in the front and hope none slip through or do they prefer a more passive technique and build more towers near the villagers to ensure there is enough fire power at the end of the course?
Some of the most intense parts of the game happen when you have a significant defense built up, no more coins and are mostly convinced that you cannot take down and rebuild a tower to improve your current situation. This leaves you waiting…staring at the parade of monsters as they make their way closer and closer to your villagers…praying your towers will kill them all…even if it’s at the very last minute and the safety of your villagers is threatened. It is quite enjoyable how worked up one can get playing this game.
This is easily one of the best tower defense games ever made. Under the guise of the straightforward premise and simplistic graphics, there is a game that requires just the right mix of skill, determination, patience and fun that will entice die hard and novice gamers alike.
If you aren’t shooting for a rainbow, it isn’t worth it.
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