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spike video game awards 2011

It is easy to bash the awkwardness of an award show. Frankly, I believe they are all somewhat awkward from the Oscars down to the Kids Choice Awards. The VGA 2011 is not immune to this same awkwardness. In addition, they have an unfair disadvantage of not having an easy form to art to display on live TV. This year marks the return of Spike’s on-stage “augmented reality” that debuted last year. Was there ever a time of “good” award shows? When were they in their prime anyway; was it Howard Stern’s Fart-Man from ’92? Nevertheless the online complaints are as annual as the VGAs themselves.
A new host for 2011, Zachary Levi (TV’s Chuck) does a very smooth and authentic commentary. Original music by Deadmau5 (from the upcoming game Sound Shapes for PS Vita). Zachary starts off his presentation flying over the audience and landing on the stage using his portal gun (of course). His monologue leads off with some interesting facts that might surprise you if you haven’t been paying attention. This year is the first time the VGA was streamed live around the world and 42% of gamers today are women. Hit the jump for a quick recap and links to the world premiere trailers.

The VGA Vector Monkey Award
  • Probably the first on-air live tea-bagging is demonstrated as the penalty for long acceptance speeches
  • Return of some pretty fancy (and tacky) on stage CGI graphics
  • will.i.am is the first presenter of the world premier trailer for The Last of Us by Naughty Dog
  • Brooklyn Decker (Star of the upcoming movie version of Battleship) presents the award for Best Action Adventure: Batman: Arkham City
  • Deadmau5 is wearing his signature “mouse” mask done up to resemble a Mario Chain Chomp
  • Zachary rants on how not to be a douche bag online
  • LL Cool J (Old school rapper and founder of boomdizzle.com) presents the winner of Most Anticipated Game: Mass Effect 3.  Plus, a trailer for a new game from Bioware Command & Conquer Generals 2
  • Felicia Day does some kinda-awkward but equally adorable velgro stunt for charity
  • Kevin Jonas reveals the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 world premiere
  • Live online voting for the cover for EA NFL Blitz
  • Call of Duty commercial for hireavet.spike.com is pretty awesome
  • The World Premiere trailer of Alan Wake American Nightmare
  • Seth Green (Robot Chicken) presents the first ever inductee to the Video Game Hall of Fame: The Legend of Zelda. Shigeru Miyamoto is there to accept (without translator!)
  • Another Felicia Day stunt with a live action version of Fruit Ninja. She displays a pretty good mastery of the katana
  • Pretty sick introductions throughout the show for the Game of the Year nominees as well as custom made cut scenes for each of the character of the year nominees
  • Tony Hawk (from an upcoming Tony Hawk game, yawn) drops the world premiere of The Amazing Spider-man (Yes, another Spider-man game)
  • “The star of video games for 25 years” Hulk Hogan recapps the winners of the awards they aren’t featuring tonight
  • Felicia and Brooklyn do a live action Little Big Planet cake-a-nator challenge. Basically bobbing for cupcakes. Now this is entertainment.
  • Performance of Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
  • Youtuber: The Black Baron was invited to show after his comentary video last year. There was some weird moment there with him and the Spike executive he was sat next to
  • Stacy Keibler (actress/wrestler/model) presents the world premeire trailer for Transformers Fall of Cybertron (yes, it’s epic and I’m tingly all over)
  • Charlie Sheen presents nominees for Best Shooter; and he needs a haircut. The winner is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the acceptors ironcially get tea-bagged
  • Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens) wins the online vote for the cover for EA NFL Blitz
  • Cliffy B (Gears of War) presents the world premiere trailer for Fortnite
  • Jason Biggs and Shawn William Scott present this year’s “Gamer God” award (You can’t make this stuff up) to Blizzard Entertainment and they bring the introductory cinematic for Diablo 3. It is an amazing blend of still animation and some of the best CGI well worth hitting the link
  • Felicia day (now basically a co-host at this point) presents Bioshock Infinte‘s world premiere trailer
  • Presenting winner for Character of the Year are Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler  (MMA fighters). Taking home the title is the Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • And Game of the Year vector monkey goes to: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda
  • Finally the Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer comes to light with a new world premiere trailer. What looks like a hack &slash entry into this franchise staring the cyborg ninja Raiden
Link to the complete list of winners: www.spike.com

spike video game awards 2010

RELEASE DATE: 12/11/2010

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris (NPH), the annual VGAs started out with a fun pun on his Oscar singing and dancing number. Gamedae is pro NPH so we were very much looking forward to the award show. As per usual, the crowd was super awkward but Neil does his best to save the show. Using video game technology on stage to project recreated level graphics from different games was a neat idea, but felt like a crutch. I just kept thinking about how dumb it must look in person as compared to on screen since the people in the room were not able to see the backdrop of the scene the actors were playing out. For example they kick it off with Neil being “questioned” in the dark interrogation scene from Call of Duty: Black Ops. All in all, the show could have been better (open bar might have helped the crowd) but it is the only televised video game award show, so they really are the only game in town.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think its appropriate to condescend your audience. I have issues with the continued references to gamers as stoners and perverts. And, what was with all the swearing? It seemed forced and was missed by the censors. I realize Spike Network is trying to appeal to their demographic but shouldn’t they want to broaden their audience? Award shows have the potential to draw Super Bowl-size television ratings. Sadly, the VGAs are just not there yet and I fear, they never will be if they keep up these antics.

Hit the jump for some links and highlights

  • Annalynne McCord, Naomi on the 90210 reboot, announces Thor: God of Thunder which I know has an original story line and is really hoping to bypass the movie-game curse.
  • Denise Richards (most recently from Blue Mountain State) introduces My Chemical Romance whos recent Planetary Go is the theme to the new Grand Turismo 5.
  • Jason Ritter, from The Event, introduces Mass Effect 2 nominee for game of the year and winner of Best RPG also the premiere for Biowares next game: Mass Effect 3. In which, it looks like the action is coming home to earth.
  • The cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia announces the nominees for best shooter and the winner Call of Duty: Black Ops!
  • After some fun banter between Olivia Minn and NPH the world premiere of the Resistance 3 trailer. It’s a continuation of the teaser trailer and Gamedae is gonna call it now and say this game looks amazing.
  • Rachel Bilson introduces the nominees for Best Performance by a Human Male which happens to be NPH as the voice of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.
  • Tony hawk is still old introduces Prototype 2 coming sometime in 2012
  • 11.1.11 is turning out to be a huge release day next year.
  • Angry Birds Live was a great idea. Should have been real and not just a skit.
  • Guillermo del Toro, director of the Hellboy movies and possibly writing The Hobbit movies, said something but it was all censored followed by a world premiere teaser trailer for his game inSANE which looks to be a survival horror. He then announced the Best Independent Game category winner Limbo.
  • Spike’s The Deadliest Warrior cast announce DLC for their game of the same name. Then the Most Anticipated Game winner Portal 2.
  • A NPH cut where he sings and plays piano In Memorandum of dead game characters is fantastic.
  • Michael Chiklis, from No Ordinary Family, introduces Red Dead Redemption as Best Game of the Year. Which already won for Best Original Score. Jose Gonzalez plays the theme from the game. I see now, Ima’ have to play this game.
  • Dominic Monaghan, LOST, is not a great presenter but one heck of an actor. He says something about cars then introduces Forza Motorsport 4. It’s a good time to be a racing game fan.
  • The strange “cast” of TMZ do something I think was a skit.
  • Nathon Fillion, better known as Mal from Firefly, comes out for Halo Reach. He lends his voice to the game. An amazing single voilist plays through all the game cut scenes shown.
  • Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley, from HBO’s True Blood, come out talking about the difference between “sex” and “SSX” the snowboarding game. This game is back apparently and called SSX Deadly Ascent.
  • And finally the world premiere of Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception introduced by Eliza Dusku.

Full List of Nominees and Winners

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